Website SEO

Add trending news to your website in order to engage your audience, boost click-throughs rates, and improve your SEO rankings. Providing relevant content and links in pertinent categories will help improve the search engine ranking evaluation ofyour site for both Google and Bing.



Wordpress Plugin

This plugin is a quick and easy integration into any WordPress site. Follow our four simple steps and effortlessly add curated streaming news to any page just by pasting in some simple WordPress short code.

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Want complete control over the functionality and  appearance of trending content?  Use our simple REST API or a simple RSS feed.  All functionality is available through simple HTTP calls.


How Trending News Improves SEO

The quality of your content is the top factor search engines use to determine search rankings.  How do content channels improve your SEO rank?  Learn more here:

1) Content Freshness (or the Fresh Factor)

Providing timely and unique content attracts visitors to your site. Google observes and monitors sites for “freshness.” Content channels update every 5 to 10 minutes, ensuring relevant and popular content is associated with your site.

freshness factor

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2) Reduce Bounce Rate with Engaging Content

Keep site visitors from hitting the “back” button and negatively impacting your SEO ratings by employing
a dynamic content channel. Providing engaging content keeps users active on your site for a longer period of time. 

3) Content Relevance

Creating quality content can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Over 900 trending news categories are currently available and each one can be filtered into hundreds of additional subtopics. 


Case Study:







´┐╝Add trending music news to the RadioIO website in order to improve its Google search ranking for keyword terms related to
music news and videos.



Added the Wordpress Plugin to the RadioIO website and streamed trending music news for the last 24 hours, week, month, and year.  The content was given its own dedicated trending news page.







After Google indexed the content, the RadioIO page
immediately jumped up the Google and Bing search rankings. When
searching for trending music news, RadioIO’s trending music page appears as one of the top Google search results.


Get More Info

Click the "Request Info" button to submit a request to get access to the WordPress plugin or REST API.  During this process we will confirm which categories of content you need for your target audience.  After this is confirmed we will give you the instructions to integrate the trending news onto your site.