Facebook Rolls Out Topic Data to Select Advertisers

March 11, 2015 by Sarah Netemeyer

Yesterday, Facebook announced that is would further empower its advertisers with deeper data with the introduction of topic data.


Topic data allows marketers to access data detailing what users are saying about events, brands, subjects and activities, completely anonymized, and Facebook said it teamed up with social data provider DataSift for this push.


Topic data will initially be available only to “a limited number” of DataSift partners in the U.S. and U.K., with the data limited to those two countries.


Facebook stated the following in a Facebook for Business post on Tuesday:


"Marketers want to understand what people think about topics related to their business so they can make their products and marketing more relevant to their customers. In the past, they’ve looked at the things people share online to get an idea of what people care about, but until now, the information available offered a limited view. To make marketing content more relevant for people and more effective for marketers, we’re introducing topic data to select Facebook partners.


Topic data shows marketers what audiences are saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects and activities, all in a way that keeps personal information private. Marketers use the information from topic data to make better decisions about how they market on Facebook and other channels, and build product roadmaps.


While this type of data has been available from third parties before, the sample size was often too small to be significant, and determining demographics was nearly impossible. With topic data, we’ve grouped data and stripped personal information from Facebook activity (not including Messenger) to offer insights on all of the activity around a topic. That means marketers get a holistic and actionable view of their audience for the first time.


It’s important to note that topic data provides guidance for marketers but it cannot be used to target ads directly."