Facebook Adds in Expat Targeting Option

March 18, 2015 by Sarah Netemeyer

Facebook is now allowing marketers to reach the 92 million expats on its platform through exapanded ad targeting.

In the Facebook for Business post below, the social network explains their move:


"People living abroad use Facebook to connect with friends and family back home, sharing key life milestones and everyday moments alike. And expats aren’t just using Facebook to keep in touch with people. Brands, organizations, celebrities and news outlets also offer a vital connection to home.
To help businesses reach people living abroad, today we’re announcing a new targeting feature that enables advertisers to reach the 92 million expats on Facebook.
Marketers can now connect with expats living within a given country (like expats living in Brazil) and expats originating from a specific country (like people born in Brazil living abroad). Nationality-specific targeting is currently available for people from Brazil, Indonesia, China, South Africa and India..."
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