Fancasting allows you to create engaging Facebook brand pages and websites by delivering trending, curated content that resonates with your audience.
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Acquire Facebook Fans with Content Interests

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Aquire Fans

Reach your target audience with content interests.
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Image of Your Brand Page

Install a custom tab on your brand page.  The tab features a curated content channel matched to your target audience interests.

Select from over 900 curated content topics or select a new topic.

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Achieve a 20-80% increase in fan conversation rates.

Also gain more social clicks from friends of fans.


Engage Existing Fans with Trending Content

Engage Fans   Wall Posts   Engagement Score
Image of Your Brand Page directing content to the right fans

Target audience with content interests.
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Utilize our “Trending” view of content to identify the most engaging content for your audience's interests.

Increase fan engagement per post (likes, shares, comments) by posting proven trending content.

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Improve brand impressions by optimizing your brand's newsfeed posts.

Gain more viral fans. Friends of existing fans will see engaging content from your brand.


Automatically Add Engaging Content to Your Email Newsletter(s)

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Image of eMail directed to the right fans

Align engaging content with your target audience.
Image of a Bi-directional Arrow Image of trending news directed into Your Newsletter

Utilize our “Trending” view of content to add engaging content to your email newsletter.

Select from daily, weekly or monthly trending content views from over 900 subjects.

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Improve open rates.

Increase click-through rates.

Gain more social shares and improve social clicks.